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Rosalinda Ay Amor....

Today have a great day..I do my job same like before. But today is not too much. I start to "mengular" after I finished my lunch. Today I juz tapau only...I realy2 lazy to went out.OMG! outside its so hot...since nobody's around, I started to seat on my chair...So, now I'm watching Telenovela "ROSALINDA" Ay Amor...the most popular Telenovela "Rosalinda was a Mexican TV Telenovela that was aired in 1999 on Televisa with singer-actress Thalia in the title role and Fernando Carrillo as Fernando Jose. The series had 80 forty-five minute episodes. It was originally created by Delia Fiallo." So today, I juz want to share the intro of the most Telenovela Rosalinda and the beautyfull actress Thalia... I love to see her face..so sweetttt(",)

~...The Most Beautifull actress that I like...~

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